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“Fall Classic”
October 11, 2003

Last night I saw a great game of baseball. The Cubs beat the Florida Marlins 5-4 in 11 innings. just great baseball. i know some you don’t like baseball. find it boring. takes too long. guys are always grabbing their crotch. but hey, where else can you sit down with a hot dog a beer and screa for 3 hours? (besides the ‘wild goose’, of course) they don’t call it the american past time for nothing. and you get to see future hall of famer, sammy sosa, play in teh post season! remember when sammy played for the texas rangers? the owner of the team, george w. bush, traded Sammy to the cubs. (and this whole time you thought his destructive nature was limited to the u.s. economy and foreign policy!)

been practicing some guitar trying to remember some things i haven’t played in a spell just in case we play them on this trip. one of our trumpeters, dan clucas, also plays flute so i would think (and hope) we’d do SHE COMES IN COLORS. cannie wait to do that one! hope i’m not being too cheeky. we get to play these shows with these here la folks and then next month do jools’s show with our swedish com-padres. what a joy! and you know who’s got the cool gig? the other trumpeter, probyn gregory, who’s playing with brain wilson thursday and then flying saturday to philly to do our east coast swing, along with the ‘stringettes’ (julie, paula, carrie, ana & heather) and us boys in LOVE and lest we forget the man himself, thy singer.

and on a different note, i am gonna offer for sale some mike randle/rusty squeezebox solo CDs (new) that were originally released in 2000 on eggbert records. his is called ‘isotopes’ and mine is ‘my music loves you (even if i don’t)’ and they’re going for $10 each but if you double dip you can have em both for the obscene price of $17. if you miss these opportunities, fear not, as the product will be available on the soon to be up and running www.mikerandle.com, the website that doesn’t just roll over and turn out the lights afterwords. ok, you heard it hear first. look for the guy with the funny hair and pint in his hand. by the way, critics were kind to these releases (www.allmusic.com) and after you buy ’em you’ll know why. ok. time to shop. (oh no…that was SO martha stewart….)

Mike Randle


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