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“Flying the friendly skies”
June 26, 2003

In a few hours’ time, we’ll board our flight for London, to which we’ll be driven right to Bath to rest in our hotel (oh, yeah, I’ll rest alright…). Rusty, Daddyo and I are flying United, while Chapple and The Singer are flying British Airways and better class of seats. Their flight leaves LA 2 1/2 hours later than ours which means we’ll have to find a pub at Heathrow and drink for 2 bloody hours. This is the kind of unfairness that happens on the road…

Yesterday, Rusty and I were at TRUTONE MUSIC getting sorted on our guitar stuff when a few familiar faces cam in. First off, it was Brian, who’s a great up-and-coming engineer who worked on the Last Aimee Mann record (and may do the next one) and the other guy was Bob Weir’s guitarist (name escapes me), who’s gonna play the Canterbury Festival with us Aug 24. I HIGHLY suggest you buy tix as Robert Plant is playing as well and he covers “House is not a Motel” so go see it just for that even!

Ok, this one’s gonna be short, as I have my flight to contend with very shortly. Of course, I always have 1 taco from “Holy Guacamole” on main street, down the road from Rusty’s mansion (ok…townhouse). The first thing I do when I get home is getting a taco. England could use some Taco Bells, to tell you the truth. But that’s another diary for another time and another dimention. I will be at THE BELL in Nottingham and whatever place Caryne decides for Cardiff. I will be the one with the pint in my hand…just post up where the “spots” will be. Ok, British Empire, here we come…

Mike Randle


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