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“A Different kind of IPO…”
June 25, 2003

Tomorrow is the last day of rehearsals before we board the plane and head to Bath, England, where our hotel is. It’s about 30 min from Glastonbury, or so I am told. We will be doing BBC interviews (actually, my guess is the Singer will be) the afternoon of the show and then we hit the stage around 8pm, right before the Coral. My buddy, Dave Nolte (bassist with Dave Gray-who play the night before), loaned me their CD and I like it. I think the group is “balls out” and they seem unafraid to take chances on a record. I like that.

Scottish Keith and I have undertaken a very Devlish project in that, I have started a label (SCOTTISH ROSE RECORDINGS) and Keith, being the insane Scotsman he is, is actually helping me out with some of the load, bless him.

I have a 5-song demo CD that we are selling for 5 pounds. But this isn’t gonna be at the merch table. Noooooooooooooo….not this beauty. We are-a-taking it to YOU. Our plan is to have it for sell at a close (respectable) Pub before each show. Keith is gonna have some for Glast as well but my feeling is, based on the e-mails I’ve gotten in the last few days, these suckers are gonna sell out and there won’t be any for Nottingham. I hope not. But if it happens…hmmm…we’ll ship it out to your address July 2. But let’s cross our fingers, right? We call this our IPO “Innitial Pub Offering.”

The 5-song CD (25+ minutes of music) consists of demos I am currently doing for my upcoming new CD. The artwork was done in L.A. and the Disc art (Keith’s job) was done in England. The Diaries web home (Freedom man’s site) will have links that explain everything and stuff. And we got the USA and Canada covered as well. The CD is called, DEMOS UNDER CONSTRUCTION.

These 5 tunes will be re-recorded for the full length. The 2nd series of the “Under Construction” series may be a 4-song demo CD of songs that WON’T be released. That’s what I am thinking. I mean, that would be fun right?

So, there you have it. Our Initial Pub Offering. Hope to see you there and when we are there we might as well have a pint…

Mike Randle


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