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“Have no fear, ye true supporter”
November 30, 2003

Can anyone tell me what’s wrong with this picture??? (Clue: Look at the EMPTY glass!)

Got some frantic e-mails regarding the upcoming spring tour (the one where we will basically live on the road for 7 weeks….yikes!) and just wanted to asure people that the dates were moved around a tad bit to accomodate Europe (old Europe, that is…ok, enough Rumsfield jokes…) and so stuff was moved back a bit (gee, i sound like Dubya now…)…but the Lemon Tree shall be restored so have no fear Lizzy B. And i be john brown but wasn’t that the Spurs that got bitch slapped by the Lakers last night or what? Ah..notice how, once the LA-ness and weather set in, the terminology changes…the polite Brit-like exchanges become the LA get-out-my-way thing. All i need are vanity plates and i’m set. (Diary, what are vanity plates? nevermind…) well, the LOVE train is of course pulling full steam ahead…yep. With writing and recording the priority of Dec and Jan (besides the 2 Cali shows), we will also go into the catalog and do a bit of double dippin to see what spices the show up a bit. different stuff, all for the sake of enjoying ourselves and surprising you and us. i hope! but, gee, wasn’t that cool at the House of Blues back in August when we had that jam at the end? Well, it would be cool to have surprises like that on the next tour, but something slightly different. oh who knows…maybe i’m just going on about nothing? or maybe it’s everything i am going on about? the irony of it all… never trust a man in a blue dress, is what i say. and yep, i have been getting the funny e-mails about the new Wacko Jacko/ Sir Elton single, “Don’t let your Son go down on me” and it is a bit funny until you think about it…how much slack are people gonna give this crotch grabbing pedophile? oh but mr Diary, what about innocent until proven guilty? Huh? this is L.A. and mike has like $100 million in assets when you subtract that massive amount of debt he has. the jury will all be sportin diamond rings and sports cars after the ‘not guilty’ verdict. and so this diary ends like it began; have no fear. it’s all gonna be alright. everyone have a nice weekend and for goodness sake, listen to your leaders; WORRY about the terrorist unless it’s time to shop. THEN DON’T WORRY about them until you get back home and can turn the telly on. THEN WORRY AGAIN. But for now. shop shop shop. Martha Stewart was right. Everyday you do shop! Now, i command you to www.mikerandle.com and SHOP! shop, i say! (hey, collectable t-shirts in SHORT supply…c’mon….shop….shop…consume….that’s it…yes….ah…)

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