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“Proper Bo”
November 28, 2003

One of the best things about the world wide web is the ability to communicate with many people, all at once, and practically simultaneously. my good mate, Scottish Stevie, introduced me to that really funny bloke, Avid Merrion, the guy who goes around impersonating celebrities under the moniker “BO SELECTA.” well, i’ve been all over ebay and amazon and half.com…you name it. and I found plenty of Bo too. problem is, they are all in REGION 2 and my DVD player is in REGION 1. that’s a problem. that’s a real problem, ok? my video player is VHS (not PAL) so I am doubly screwed.

does anyone know what i should do? is there anyone who can tape me that 2-CD BO SELECTA that’s out? i mean, that would be, like, so nice. and maybe i could return the favor. that’s what the world wide web is for, right? so please, if you can help how about getting in touch. but please don’t be one of those blokes (or birds) that e-mail me saying you CAN’T help me. cause people will do that and then i have to wade through 50 e-mails with folks saying, “Sorry Mike. Right. Can’t help you.” but if you CAN help me, e-mail away. please. that would be so sweet. thank you to anyone who can get me laughing again. and that dang bear is so funny, huh?

Mike Randle


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