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“I hear it’s your birthday”
March 7, 2003

I talked to the SINGER about 5 minutes (11:30 pst) ago and wished him a Happy Birthday, as well as passing along to him that all LOVE fans wish him a good one as well. He was very upbeat and reminded me to be over at his house sunday for a small get-together he’s having in the afternoon. I’ll no doubt see Jazmaan there!

So, we split town in less than 3 weeks now. Rehearsals and studio time have gone well but I have to admit that i miss my main Guitar and pedal board. The stuff I am using now sounds like Iron Butterfly or something fuzzy like that. Yuk.

Scottish Keith sent me some VERY funny pix that I think are from the BIG HANDS pub in Manchester and the backstage AFTER PARTY at Royal Festival Hall (the first RFH show, I think?) There’s BIG HANDS shots of LOVE fan, Natasha, with her GOTH friend; a shot of Keith, Goth Girl and myself and a shot of Scottish Paul Barr and his partner in crime, Keith. And there’s also a shot of Lisa (who filmed four of the Forever Changes concerts for the Singer’s personal collection) who refused to smile for the camera, being a typical Brummy brat!

Oh gosh, I have been trying to write and work on songs and stuff but the world seems so out of control these days, it makes it difficult to block it all out. If today is YOUR birthday, happy birthday to you.

Mike Randle


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