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March 10, 2003

Saturday (March 8) morning began with a text from Irish Barry; “Mike, east- enders on at 10”, which totally reminded me that it comes on every Saturday morning at 10am on BBCA, channel 264 (sorry Britain, I know you only have 5 channels, but I have Direct Satalite TV so I get hundreds of stations…and I get to watch British Premier League games!) Also, I have been playing this really fun internet game that a fan, Rebbeca, told me about. it’s called “Celebdaq” where you buy shares of celebs and the more they’re in the news, the more you make off them…of course it’s imaginary money! But back to East Enders…

I caught the very beginning episode and, even though I hadn’t seen this episode yet, the shows we get are about 4 weeks behind England. Now, I already know Kat lost the baby cause Mel Cicero sent me an e-mail nearly 2 weeks ago telling me that much. But in this particular episode, the Doctor (who was the father of her baby-although he didn’t know it yet in this episode) tells his Dad that he is considering giving up medicine; his heart just isn’t in it anymore. Of course, the bloke whom they threw that b/day party for-the guy who wants to off himself-is SO bloody annoying…i almost wish he’d do it and get out the way, ya know?

So then, about 2 hours later, Barry texts me again; “mic, hdng 2 vegas on a whim w/ 2 brds…wil gt u th bshmlls nx wknd.” So now, I don’t get any DECENT Bushmills till next weekend. And let me tell you something, I went to Little Tokyo that Saturday for drinks, before meeting up with Rusty at a friend of ours b/day bash (plus Rusty’s brother, Eric, was featuring his photography, as the party was in an art space downtown), and I had a shot of Bushmills at GENJI BAR, which is near the BEER GARDEN at the NEW OTANI hotel in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles and I think my shot was watered down! Either that or I am just so spoiled from having the REAL THING straight from Dublin.

So on Sunday I went over to the Singer’s house and the guys were all there and we were drinking and eating and it was a lot of fun and a much better way to spend a birthday. I was thinking how, this time last year, the Singer was staying in Hotels and didn’t have to time to look for a home because we were getting ready to tour the whole spring, summer, and fall. So it was great to see the Singer, whom the system had snatched 5 years of his life, enjoying himself in his own house, with the people he cared most about.

Mike Randle


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