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“I will give my best, if you give yours too”
March 6, 2003

Well, it’s the 5th of march and how incredible it feels to be here in 2003 writing nearly a year since we played at a sold-out, packed Spaceland as the ANDMOREAGAINS on April 2. When we were doing al those rehearsals for the tour, we all got to know each other a little better; or maybe I should say RE-got to know each other. It had been over 5 years since any of us had seen the singer and Dave Chapple was gigging regularly, supporting his band, HARVETTE’s, new CD.

So it was a shock, albeit a pleasant one, to get together in that rehearsal room and bang out the first song, which was (appropriately enough) MY LITTLE RED BOOK. It felt good and the Singer never sounded better. We knew we had to get ready, not only for that show and the upcoming Knitting factory show, but we were embarking on a 25 city tour in 35 days that would see us leave Los Angeles on May 14, begin playing May 16 in Odense (the same city we began our summer ’96 tour) and end in Dublin on June 16. Besides hitting 8 cities in England, we also hit 2 cities in Scotland, 3 cities in Sweden, 3 cities in Denmark, 3 cities in Spain, 2 cities in Holland and 1 show each in Norway, Germany, Ireland and France!

Although we were dead tired by the time we got to Dublin, the Singer called it the best show of the tour. So, i guess, thinking back i remember the singer telling me,” Everyone’s gotta work as hard as me.” Well, that’s not easy, considering how much he gives the audience during a show. But we’ve come along way in this LOVE group since April 29, 1993, the first time Baby Lemonade played as LOVE at the great punk club in L.A., RAJI’S. And funny thing about that show. The bassist with us at the time was named Henry Lui. The opening group, a band called BOYS NAMED SUE, had a great bassist as well. He was a cute rocker that the girls liked a lot and had long hair. I remember telling Rusty, “we should get HIM in the band!” When Henry left the group in ’95, we asked the long haired guy to join LOVE and BABY LEMONADE. And wouldn’t you know it, Dave Chapple said yes.

Mike Randle


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