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“Studio LOVE is a go”
March 5, 2003

Gosh, when I upgraded my Microsoft Exployer I had no clue I’d have to upgrade all my applications programs…which took forever and stuff. But the band was at the studio last night going over some new stuff and also messing around with an old LOVE song from about ’71 that the Singer had re-arranged so that it sounded a lot different and very cool (for 2003).

My main ax, the white Gibson 335, is in London, at my mate’s (Richard Meehan) flat, along with my pedalboard. Since I am back in the UK in 3 weeks anyways, I figured what’s the point of dragging that stuff all over creation? Plus, hopefully, the BUSH gang will lower my TERROR THREAT LEVEL, you know, the number they assign everyone traveling by plane? Well, I always get funny looks because of my metal briefcase that houses my pedals. So I had to borrow some pedals from my pal, Dave Jenkins, and I am using my old trusty ’68 Gibson SG for the time being.

Ok, gotta run now…time to vote in city elections. More Studio time tomorrow.

Mike Randle


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