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Mike Randle


November 26, 2003

ok bad title. but i slept for 6 hours straight on my flight home and when i woke up my bum was so sore you woulda thought i had spent the weekend at wackos ranch. ok bad joke. but its nice to be back in the wonderful LA smog, sunshine and warm weather, after freezin me nads off in York. but that was ok cause i was in good company and somehow i think Scottish Keith drank a whole bottle of Vodka. I stuck to the Bushmills and Kroenenberg, which would have made Fritz proud. Had Kebabs galore, like 8 of em, so ive had my fill…for now.

playing Jools Holland show was an absolute blast. and it was great to see some love faces out in teh audience as well like Caroline, who, every time i see her we only can chat for 2 min, as i am always off and in a hurry. sorry. but i am always off. feels like it. but the show was great and i really enjoyed Travis. i dunny care how boring people find them. i still like em. Cowtown were brilliant and the Distillers were good fun. Theyre from Orange County ive been told. Mickey Mouse is from Orange County as well.

The Dublin show was spot on and fun, despite the rain. but we still partyed in the Temple Bar when we werent in the hotel bar! (thats a joke) and then the Islington show…as a 5 peice..the first 5 peice show in ages…or since we played in Spain back in July…WELL..it was right fun. then the song got busted out on the sound system and that was um a bit tricky but people got to atleast here it. hope they enjoyed it. saw aussie foto gal, Christine in the audience and Rolands own Hannah and Dorian, both down large quantities of Carling, despite my plees and efforts to stop them. but all had fun and Caryne was jumping up and down smiling away, having a blast. all in all, a fun time for all…

and then the 12 bar, which was LOADS of fun…and Hilary and Jackie came down, as well as Phil and the usual great friends that seem to like the 12 bar as well. And thanks to John E for the wonderful birthday gift…a complete horoscope analysis, which i am now delving into. playing that show and opening for the awesome Kristian Hoffman was a slice of heaven. i didnt get too drunk and i played more songs than i wanted to (thanks to Ringo prodding me). and then having a birthday dinner and drinks with soem of the LOVE guys and our friends…and more Kebabs and seeing my pal Fernando…and Art Terry and the radio station (by the way, Art Terry is letting me DJ my own show sometime nextyear for 90 minutes…woo hoo!!!) gig was a blast as well…

and then it all wound up In York, freezing, wonderful, pleasant York. and me playing lead guitarin the studio with the Yards on the up coming new record. and then hitting pubs and then watching with excitement as england fans celebrated their win over australia (nothing in britian is more important than winning, getting pissed and having a cuppa tea) and then me laughing my ass off watching Bo Selecta (DONT SAY F*CK OR BUGGER!!!!!) whilst enjoying, yep, a kebab.

and now i am back in LA and its biz as usual. the band hits the studio to finish writing recording arranging and then also to play a couple of local shows. and the LAKERS are in 1st place but the DODGERS need a new short stop. and guess what? A.ROD (Alex Rodriguez) is available from teh Texas Rangers!!!! why not get him? i mean, the short stop we got now, Alex Cora, cant catch the ball! i mean, hes been hit on the chin by more balls than elton john fer cryin out loud…ok, another bad joke. well one thing is fer certain, unless the Wacko Jacko spin machine can get this thing under control, the King of pop might be getting a taste of his own medicine..in the Santa Barbara county jail…ouch.

Mike Randle


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