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Mike Randle


“London; Day one”
November 11, 2003

Our Virgin flight was long but I passed the time with some good movies like Goodfellas but also with some good sitcoms like COUPLING and I’M ALAN PARTRIDGE, the latter being unbearable funny. After “24-hour party people” he could do anything and I’d laugh! so I passed the time doing that and also i slept for 5 hours so i was rightly sorted once we got to london. and my how a difference 5,000 miles makes. it was nice and sunny in LA but cold, drisel and fog in london (what else is new!) but that didn’t stop us from planting ourselves down at the bar for a bit. then we went and got settled in our rooms and then the Singer called me and so i went to hang out in his room while we watched some japanese band in concert play in front of a million people. after that i went down and met up with (promoter) Glenn Povey and a bunch of us had drinks and stuff and then i think i had way too much so i went to bed. slept like a baby and didn’t wake up till 19:20 to which chapple told me i had 10 min to catch the free English breakfast. it is still beyond my comprehension how any would pay more than 3£ for an english breakfast. but i ate what i could but my hangover wouldn’t go away. such as life.

Mike Randle


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