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“LOVE is in the air!”
January 18, 2003

Well, I finally got to a internet cafe…but the bloke who is running this thing in Cambridge is like a German lunatic playing AWEFUL, GOD AWEFUL german metal and I am very close to telling him to shove it, ya know? So where was I? oh yes…I am sad that I can’t relate how fun this trip is to ya#ll cause England sort of like that, ya know? Like I ordered a salad in Oxford that came with no salad dressing…so I asked for salad dressing and the nice woman said, “That’ll be £1, love” I didn’t eve have the eneregy to argue!

But this tour has been fun…the SINGER has been great, the best I’ve ever seen, as far as just feeling good and being positive, despite a really nasty review we got in london. Nobody’s perfect, right? the ensemble is just marvelous…and they are KETIL on violin…the amazing fellow who resembles a genius beat poet from another time…he is the first chair, and deservedly so..he kicks MUCHO ASS, man! next to Ketil is ADREAS, who is actually sitting right across from me in this internet cafe. Andreas is also VERY good on his instrument…sometimes he has a bit of a gotee, sometimes not. He is kinda quiet but also an amazing musician in his own right!

And next to him is CAROLINE (pronounced, “Caroleeen”), who is playing a violin from the 18th century!!! She is precise and modest…but those of us who know her, knows she “brings it” every night. to her right is ERIC, whom, I nicknamed, “Doogie”, after that kid genius in the 80’s, Doogie Hauser! Next to him is the last string player, ANNA, the cellist. Anna holds the string fort down na dplays those wonderful counter melodies we’ve all come to enjoy so much! She’s taller than I am so I usually get on my tippy-toes to make up for it.

In the horn section are the TRUE characters of this tour…the horn guys are not only fun and entertaining but also the most amazing musicians and have backgrounds in Jazz as well as Classical music. To the very left is trumpeter, OSCAR. His real name is Oscar Fredrikson but we call him Oscar for short. Oscar likes a good pint after the show. Next to him, normally, is STEFAN. But Stef left (hey, a rhyme!) for a 1 week to do some gigs in Sweden er somethin…and KARL has taken his place until the 27th…so lemme break it down…STEFAN is very tall..almost a tall version of David Spade…and an excellent trumpet player. We’re missing him right now but thank god we have Karl…cause…

KARL is THE MAN!!!! this mofo might be one of the best trumpet players I have ever seen…last night, after the show, a bunch of us went to (sound guy) KOSE’s room at the hotel and had an impromptu jam and Karl just kicked ass…he played Miles Davis, Charlie parker…just brilliant amazing stuff…but next to him might be the MVP of the group….ladies and gentlemen……….BJORN!!!!!!

Some of you may recognize him as being introduced by the SINGER as “Mr. BudJern” but pay no attention to that: BJORN is tha real thang, ok? He plays Trombone and I really like listening to his playing…just something that takes one higher and higher! So, as you can imagine, being surrounded by such talented people, not to mention Dave Green, Dave Chapple and Rusty Squeezebox (as well as the VOICE!), I AM IN music heaven and I hope, if you can make any of these shows, you get to experience what I experience every single night…

And thanks for you all being so patient on the diaries! It ain’t so easy doing it in England, ok? Trust me! When I was on a remote island in Greece it was easier!!! But the train is a rollin and the Los Angeles show will be announced very soon for Forever Changes in may so look out USA…Forever Changes is inchin’ closer to your neighborhood…I suggest you ride yer local promoter to make sure we don’t drive thru your town without leaving a bit of LOVE….and to all of England at this moment…thank you.

Mike Randle


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