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“Brighton up my day for sure!”
January 21, 2003

Funny thing about Brighton; it’s one of those places that you know it’s gonna be a great show because the people there are so enthused and energetic and open…they made that most certainly the best show so far!…

We left the hotel in Cambridge and then drove 2 and a half hours to Brighton in terrible rain and wind and it was blowing the bags over and we could barely close the bus door. Our hotel was direct across the street from the west pier that had been destroyed from the storm (although it was already quite decrepit, being built in the mid 1800’s)…the waves were 20 ft high..it was amazing…

Went to soundcheck, which was good, and then had a bite…like a chicken dinner er somethin…we had a caterer..then rusty, Daddyo, Chapple, and I walked around the lanes….the really old cobblestone part of town and then went back to the DOME where we were to play. by the way, ABBA were discovered in this very venue…go figure, huh?

Went onstage a few minutes after 9pm and played our asses off..the horns were especially good..Bjorn had made a specific horn arrangement for “Always see your face”…all the musicians are very into this tour and we all hang out and stuff after the shows. that said, we hit the bar up after the show and even though Gene said for everyone to go to bed early (we were to have a 7:30am wake-up call), chapple, Ketil, Anna and i stayed at the bar till 2am drinking beers….even gene stayed a bit and had a brandy! (mel C would be proud!)

The next morning I wasn’t doing so well, dead tired..actually, that was this morning! But I slept nearly the whole way to Sheffield, where we are playing the University tonight. Tomorrow is a day off in Birmingham, before the Brummy show. So cheers, from Sheffield!

Mike Randle


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