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“Love tears it up in the O.C.”
December 27, 2003

who says nothing good ever happens in Orange County except wet t-shirt contest in costa mesa? last night i think we really had some real fun at the galaxy. but not just us, the band us, but EVERYBODY US cause all i saw out there was a good time for all. i saw a 7-year-old girl having a blast. i saw a 60+ gal having a blast. no rules, no limits…just really good times! and sweet Susan B gave me a Xmas gift! a cool coffee mug with Nixon and Swartzeneggar on it and a cool hollywoodhangover.com tee shirt!!!! yay! thanks Susan!

Again, don conka and johnny echols came onstage to jame but an exceptional johnny echols actually played about 4 or 5 songs with us! he did HOUSE, 7 & 7, Singing Cowboy and 1 or 2 others. so all in all, it was smashing. oh yeah, we also did A MESSAGE TO PRETTY..wow! yes…gonna pull out more and more gems like that in the upcoming shows, especially the UK shows. Also did a rather good version of RAINBOW! aND SINCE TRUMPETER probyn gregory was in new hampshire, his stand in, willie waldman, was great. and the LA string gals (paula, carrie, ana & heather) was also really great. a nd then there was Dan on flute and trumpet..the man. and to top it all off, rusty, chap & daddyo were spot on…and the Singer? well, just ask anyone there…

Chris Utter and Johnny Echols
Mike & Marty

All Pix by my good friend Chris Utter

Mike Randle


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