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“Smash em up, we’re in Hollywood”
December 29, 2003

got to sound check at the fonda theatre around 2pm to see a complete carwreck right dead smack in front. turns out Daddyo had seen a small portion of it. appearently, it was some sort of road rage thing where some idiot, WITH HIS FAMILY IN THE CAR, decided to teach some guy (who cut him off in traffic?) a lesson. Welllllll someone lost control, 3 cars (2 SUVs) and a small honda (gee, in front of the fonda? honda…fonda….hmmm…) all crashed into the pole in front of the venue. so i went to check out the damage and noticed glass in the lobby. dang, it was that big of an impact. so the guys in the honda ran and the guy with his family is there moving his car, trying to explian to the cops what happened but how do you explain stupidity? So i went back in and we soundchecked and then i spent like the next hour listening to (Brian Jonestown Massare lead singer) Anton talk about everything from Hippies to why the Universe wasnt really expanding. And then Anton had a little party foul and dropped his drink, which splattered on both of us. But Anton assured me all was ok when he said, “Mike, dont worry. It’ll dry up.” Thanks.

So, it turns out those guys are playing King Tuts when we have a day off in Glasgow so we all plan to go and chill at Tuts in Feb, but if Anton has a drink in hand i plan to stand back by atleast 10 feet. So….the first band, the 88, were on and they played great. i went up to the balcony for a spell and saw Morley, whos reviewing the show for the new york mag, YEAH YEAH YEAH, and i also saw Jazmaan and his lovely lady and of course the New Guy was there doing a variety of things with and for the Singer that pertained to the performance. and before the show two old friends came backstage, Phil and Mike. i knew Phil was coming but it was cool to see Miek as well. Also Mike brought his girl, whos name escapes me (sorry!). Bu they were to come backstage later but only Phil had a pass so i would have to go out and get em. Then it occurred to me; Mike’s dad is a celebrity and i know HE would never drop his Dad’s name but, hey, THE DIARY HAS ABSOLUTELY NO SHAME so i told security that they should let Mike backstage. and the guy says, sorry man but he aint got a pass. i said, hey, his dad is Dom De Luise. The guard smiled. And so Mike and his date got backstage after the show, no problem. though ive never met Dom, Mike’s brother, Peter, once told me (ages ago) that their dad made a mean bowl of spaghetti…

So the show went really good. saw my old pal, Randy Bookasta in the crowd. tried to find his after the show, to no avail. i wanted him to meet the Singer. Randy’s dad, gary, used to manage the Singer back in the 70s so it would be fitting that he meet his son! but i guess he had to split. after teh show we all chilled and drank and stuff but then the booze ran out but then Liz (one of the bookers at the Fonda) brought some more wine but the backstage party had swelled to around 50 people! i saw some of the Brian JM guys and also a guy whos in a great LA band called MELLOW DRUNK, who are also on the OCHRE label in the UK, the label that is gonna release BARSTOOL BLUES. yep. it wa that kinda night. also, worth adding that the Brian Jonestown guys played a great set. and the tamborine girl held it all together… next up…more recording for LOVE before we split town again…

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Mike Randle


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