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On the road again
December 19, 2003

Since the spring of 2002, LOVE has been touring regularly all over the place and now yet another kick ass tour is upon us. yet even this tour, as long as it is, doesnt outdo the tour that damn near killed us. the one in May & June of 2002. 26 shows in 35 days. but this one comes close. out of the 26 or so UK cities, we have performed in about 21 one them. some of them several times, like London, glasgow, edinburgh, manchester or london. but then there are the ones even i have never heard of. but lets out it in perspective…

the first show is in norwich, right? well, for f*cks sake, where is that? now, i know radio norwich with alan partridge but thats make believe, isnt it? from there we go to my second favorite english city, brighton. if Brighton aint got it, it aint worth having. from there we happen over to cardiff. now thats a good 3 hour ride, right? ok. will have the personal cd player in full effect and a good book handy. or we can watch bo selecta on the dvd in the bus. we leave cardiff and its off to exeter. havent a clue where that is. then its on to falmouth. huh?

then we zig back and hit bristol. wait; werent we just in cardiff, 40 min from bristol? from there, it seems, we revisit nottingham, which is a great place. i think theres a pub there called the bell but as stupid as i am i could be wrong. best to ask caryne or lizzy b or steve64 that one. then its off to northampton. now get this; we have never played northampton but we stayed over night at a hotel there en route to rotterdam from newcastle. adn this is where i ate some beef lasagna and got some sort of meat bacteria. i was very very ill for days and they had to rush me to the doctor justbefore our show in rotterdam. i was so sick i had to write words on a peice of paper. couldnt talk. but damn was that dutch doctor beautiful…

from northampton its looks like leeds. last time we played leeds it was the irish centre, which was a crap venue in my humble opinion. we split leeds and head all the way up to practically the tip of northern britian, cold aberdeen scotland. aberdeen smells like fish. but i like fish so its ok. folks in aberdeen are 100% awesome. but all scots seem to be something else, dont they? i like the lemontree. and theres a great fish and chippy across the street. only thing about lemon tree is the manager, marge, is a total ballbuster. she wont budge an inch on anything. made us pay for drinks if i recall correctly. bless her heart.

from there we hit edinburgh. still in scotland, still cold, is what we will be saying.the liquid room is one of our fave venues ever and the people who work there are the best. this show always sells out and the crowd go bonkers. right after the show we will head to glasgow, i believe. the next night we are off but scottish keith told me the brian jonestown massacre are playing king tuts so look for us, pints in hand, rockin out in one of scotlands most famous club (where oasis got discovered.) after we leave scotland we head cross england to newcastle to play the university instead of the opera house (where we usually play).

then its off to liverpool to no doubt hang with shack and their friends. pints and whatnot! then its off to birmingham to entertain the wonderful brummies and catch up with the brummy brat, who will probably film the show. from there we rol into Cambridge, a beautiful city in itself. hopefully, thatone kebab cart will still be there, right behind the venue…then we are off to aylesbury, which i think is near oxford.

after the day off we play london and then a place called portsmouth. dunny have a clue as to where that place is. at this point there is a 2 week gap but fear not, as my guess is these dates will be filled with shows on the continent. from there we go to wales and play wrexham. wrexhan is a quaint little town. i really like it. i found an old church with a 12th century graveyard in the front yard. from there we go to a place called becon and then another fave city of mine, sheffield. dave chapple has relatives there so its always good to visit sheffield. then its stoke on trent which sounds like a malibu gay porno movie.

from there its the mad for it mancurians of manchester where i have an obligation to treat the ginger one, manc Natasha, to a curry, as she sorted me out a UK power thingy for my guitar pedals. bless them mad mancs…from there we enter craig davids world in southampton…. can i get a reeeeeewind??? wonder if bo selecta will be around? proper bo indeed…and that, my friends, ends that UK trek…the rest? tbc……

Mike Randle


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