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Spaceland runs out of red hook
December 20, 2003

Well, by the time id started my set at Spaceland, the thin crowd had thickened a bit. now, I hadn’t planned to play (the song) DANNY MCGOUGH, and me forgetting the lyrics proves as much, but when i saw Danny stroll thru the door and head for the bar, well I HAD to play his tune. after i played the song, i recounted to the crowd how the tune came about.

the story goes like this; Baby Lemonade were recording EXPLORING MUSIC at the Wondermints studio off San Fernando road, near Mount Washington (northeast L.A. Hillside suburb) and we had crossed the street to buy some sandwiches and beer (to our credit, we had a NO BEER TILL 5PM rule..or as we called it, MILLER TIME) but, you see, this was the summer of 1998 and it was about 109F outside. imagine someone holding a blow dryer on you all day and you would have a better idea of what i mean.

Well, Danny was at the market buying cigarettes and a huge 5 gallon tub of coffee. typical Danny. cigarettes, whiskey & coffee. well, he had a mini van and when we stepped out of the air conditioned market into the sweltering heat, well, we got jumpy. Danny was right there and gave us a ride across the street and back to the studio. so thats the story of how that song came about.

….So after that i played some more tunes that Spaceland night and finished up with a version of the Wondermints tune, MOTORIDE, off their latest LP called MAY WE MAKE LOVE TO YOU? i even did a Brian Wilson impersonation, to which i got a few boos. After the show, i was chilling with STEW from The Negro Problem and i dunny know if he was drunk or if it was because i bought him a big stein of RED HOOK, but he insisted he produce 1 song from my up coming solo album. well that sounded fine, as there is 1 song left that still needs to be recorded. so i told Stew, shit yeah, man. now, lets see what he says when i call him today…i also told him a story North london Hilary told me about when him and Heidi opened up for us in Wolverhampton, the first time Robert Plant came to a LOVE show (he has since been to 4.)

Apparently STEW told a very lewd story about a dildo or something. i guess it left a lasting impression of No Lo Hil. NO, not THAT kind of impression! you know, the story, i guess, kinda hung in the air…ANYWAYS….Stew was laughing and he totally remembered the show and said the DJs were joking all night about the dildos…soooooooo BACK TO SPACELAND where Stew and I are drinking those big steins of RED HOOK and then Daddyo offers to buy me another cause my glass is near empty but he comes back with BUD, as they ran out of RED HOOK! and really, thats one of the reasons you even come to SPACELAND; because of the cool steins of RED HOOK!!!

Well,i chatted with Kristian Hoffman a bit and then Steve (from WACO: Wild Acoustic Chamber Orchestra) and they were both talking about how my lyrics were depressing! and all this time i thought they were funny! Steve asked if i had done heroin. and i said no, but i did have an asthma inhaler, if that counts. then Julie Carpenter (WACO/LOVE Ensemble violinist) offered her opinions that i write things down and just try to write songs with the words and i started laughing because thats not a bad idea..i should try that out…Julie, by the way, was sportin black knee high boots and a very short dress. i told her, she wears that on the 27th we will definitely sell more tickets. then LOVE Ensemble cellist, Ana, came by and gave me a hug and said she enjoyed the show and then she was off to lake tahoe or something like that. And even our violist, Heather, said she enjoyed it and stuff so it was cool all the way around i suppose. well, in a few hours time, the Singer, the horns and the 4 of us in the band are gonna go over some stuff in the studio. the strings have been spared. THIS time.

Mike Randle


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