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“Poolside Paradise”
June 17, 2003

Well, I had a very delicious cheeseburger for breakfast and then headed down to the pool, but not before fielding a call from Rusty asking if I’d fax’d my app to the Japanese Conselate (i had) and asking if I’d won any money (I hadn’t) and if I was drinking yet (I was.)

It’s 1pm now and and the temperature is 101F and climbing. The people seem to be having fun and there are loads of children around. Now, me, I think Vegas is the last place a child should be in, especially with how smoky the casinos are and with the gambling in general. But Las Vegas has transformed itself into the new Disneyland, every hotel featuring more and more family-friendly deals and all the “old school” gamblers choosing Reno as their new gambling haven. I think Vegas is gonna pay a steep price for that change. Gamblers pay the bills. Never forget which side your bread is buttered on.

Called Ringo’s room (he’s on the 21st floor and I’m on the 17th floor) but he must still be at breakfast cause he’s not at the pool yet. I could go for an ice cold beer right about now but I’ll save that for after the diary…

So I spose I’ll dip in the pool in a little bit. Don’t know why I’m sitting here when I’d much rather be out of the sun and into the pub. Loads of teeny weeny bikinis and tattoed bums. (the upper bum/lower back area)

Althoug the Monte Carlo is nice, I much prefer a smaller, more adult hotel like the HARD ROCK hotel, which kicks major bootay, in my oh-so-humble opinion. But this is a very nice hotel so I shouldn’t knock it. I guess I don’t like crowded pools. I should move over to the lagoon…that’s probably where Ringo is, huh? The bastard. Why didn’t he ring me?

Well, tomorrow I fly back to los Angeles where we’ve been experiencing “June Gloom” which, in LA-speak means that it’s cloudy and 68F for 5 days straight. There are no clouds over Las Vegas. And all water has to be pumped or transproted in. This place is truly a desert. Drive here from Los Angeles and you could go 4 hours with seeing an animal of any kind. No birds even. But I love the desert. I’ve driven thru the Mojave Desert and just parked off the road side and walked. Were it not for the rattlesnakes i’d camp out there. Nothing but catus as far as the eye can see. And even an oasis off in the distance…and I don’t know if you’ve ever seen an oasis but you’d SWEAR it was water. But it’s not. It’s only a mirage. Kinda like that $60 I lost last night betting on those damn Nets.

Mike Randle


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