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“Blame it on the boogie”
June 16, 2003

I woke up this morning and called a record label in NYC to get the guy’s e-mail address. I’d mailed him some demos on saturday but forgot to include any note or anything (typical me) and wanted to give him asynopsis of sorts to accompany the 5 song thing. These are more like demos because the vocals aren’t all done (well, background vocals) and I used a drum machine. Before I arrive in the UK, I plan to have those 5 plus one more tune finished and in presentable form for those of you who have e-mailed me requesting how you could purchase something by me. I promise to make it (wait Ringo just walked up and tapped my shoulder, teasing me about the Nets game; I brush him away…)…ok, where was I? Oh yes, it’s gonna be nice. Mr Stodart (aka, Scottish Keith) and I have joined forces in the production of said product and our plan is to make it enjoyable for you listening pleasure for a very reasonably low price. (wow, the bangle’s “If she knew what she wants” is playing here in the casino and I’ve always found it a great song…)

So, being on this trip how allowed me clarity on lots of things, especially how I want to get better at my guitar playing and how I want our shows to be the best EVERY TIME. (sidebar; Rusty just called my mobile to ask if I fax’d my letter to the Japanese Consulate. I did. I forgot to check whether I had a criminal record-I don’t- and since I forgot, I had to write and sign an afidavit swearing this was true….boy oh boy…has the world come to this? hey, I’ve never even gotten a speeding ticket…)

Everyone in the band is excited about the live album’s release (in 2 weeks?) and the touring to follow. After these UK shows, we play a show in Bilboa Spain and then have 2 days off in Madrid. The guy hiring us, KIKE, was part of the production that brought us to Spain in ’95 (or was it ’94? or even ’93?) That was a fun trip, playing a festival with the Posies (I even had diaries back then, if you can find them!)

We get back home from Spain and then I have jury duty in beverly Hills (imagine that…) and then I am playing a solo show at the Knitting factory July 16 (with the help of drummer, Jim Laspesa, bassist, “Tycoon”, and keyboardist, Morley bartnoff. Jim plays with Dave Davies, Morley plays with The Negro Problem (and STEW) and The Tycoon plays with just about everyone around town.

Once that’s out of the way I plan to finish doing some recording, as well as LOVE recording before we head to Japan to play the FUJI FESTIVAL. So, it seems that 2003 holds many surprises, lots of hard work but a lot of good times on the horizon. Whups, it’s 11am! ok..the pub just opened…

Mike Randle


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