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“Rebates Gone Wild”
July 28, 2003

Well, yesterday I’m at BEST BUY picking up some wire for some new speakers and a 100-CDR spindle on sale for $7.99, which is a great deal for Phillips brand CDRs. Well, after the guy (Greg) rings me up I realize that I am getting a $24 rebate that I have to mail in. So I accept the deal and wait for me reciepts, which are actually TWO reciepts; one is for $20 and the other is for $4. But I don’t even give it much thought. I sign the Visa slip, get my stuff and get out of there. Flash to a couple of hours later and I am at Rusty’s older brother’s (Peter) house where Rusty has been BBQing steaks and chicken and basically has a whole spread laid out. I chatted with the usual gang of friends and even talked a little biz with Chap and Dave but mostly drank lots of beer and then Rusty forced me to have a glass of the most delicious wine, which turned into 3 glasses and now, still, my hangover is hanging tough…

Yes, you gotta hold on to what you got…it doesn’t make a difference if you make it or not…you got each other and that’s a lot for love…you’ll give it a shot……whoa…you’re halfway there…WHOA, LIVIN’ ON A PRAYER…blah blah blah blah blah…I headed to barney’s late last night, after the BBQ and this horrible noise was blasting from the pub and there was a line of hussies and jar heads waiting to get in a do the karaoke thing, which kills me cause Barney’s is my place. But on Saturday nights, Barney’s belongs to the cheap perfume and tattooed bums. I turned around and found a different place not far from there. Went inside and had a Bohemia at the new Spanish Kitchen. It was just about to close so I caught em at the right time…

And this morning, with a hangover THIS BIG, I tried to fill out the paper work for my rebates. I struggled to write my name and address down. Placed a stamp on the envelope and wrote in the address on the receipt. BUT WAIT, each receipt had a DIFFERENT address!!!!! What? it DID! One address was in Maine and the other was in Ohio. Now, what kinda sense does that make? A $20 rebate from Maine and a $4 rebate from ohio? And here’s the BEST part; I am supposed to wait EIGHT FECKIN’ WEEKS for this ‘rebate’. What kind of rebate is that? I thought to myself as I sipped some water and applied the icepack to my swollen head. I’m looking at the clock at it’s now 12:29 PST (I know, I know, my writing has continuity problems…I CONSTANTLY jump from the past to the present to the future…sorry), which means only 3 1/2 hours till happy hour at the SNAKEPIT…

Mike Randle


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