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“Save the last dance for me ”
September 30, 2003

By Scottish Keith Stodart

I came back into my house last night after playing 5-a-side football and the radio was playing in the kitchen. I never listen much to the radio in the house as my wife listens to the local radio station, Alpha FM , which plays more commercials than music. For a change there was a song on “Three times a lady” by the Commodores, that kinda music has never been my bag but it did bring back some memories from my teenage years.

I came from a small town in Scotland called Strathaven, population of approx. 8,000 and as usual in these small places there was nothing to do if you were a teenager other than go into pubs (if you could pass for 18). Most of my friends were a year younger than me and when we were 16 / 17 we didn’t really go to pubs we simply went to the local off-license and bought our booze which we then usually drank in a field somewhere. If we were lucky someone’s parents would be out and we would pile in there.

Mike Randle


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