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“Tickets, tickets, and more tickets” By Keith Stodart
September 29, 2003

By Scottish Keith Stodart

See More of The Black Keys ……

Someone said to me at the weekend, “less than 3 months to Christmas now”, bloody hell I’m just getting over the expense of summer holidays never mind thinking about Christmas. What makes matter worse is I hate Christmas, “Bah Humbug” I say, but don’t get me started on that subject.

Actually I like this time of year as all the Universities are back in full swing, which means there are loads of gigs on, sometimes too many. I’m a sucker for gigs and when I see there’s a band on that I like, straight away I order the tickets, which usually annoys my wife. The usual statement of “you didn’t tell me about this one” is tabled to which I usually reply “I did, ages ago, you just didn’t listen”, works every time. Now and again my wife joins me at gigs but usually, she finds my taste a bit obscure, as do many others, but she does like Love.

Currently, I have tickets for Super Furry Animals, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Grandaddy and The Black Keys all for dates in Newcastle, also considering The Bellrays in Leeds.

I have to mention the Black Keys here, one of mates put me onto them recently and I’m really impressed by them, they’re from Akron Ohio. Their format is similar to White Stripes with only a drummer and a guitarist in the band but the sound is different and it’s totally amazing. I guess you could grade it as 60’s/70’s blues rock with tinges of Hendrix, Rory Gallagher, Cream and even Free but instead of me talking about it go and buy their album, Thickfreakness. (and I’m not on commission) They’re currently touring the U.S. but are due in the UK during November so get yourself down to see them.

Mike Randle


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