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“Sheffield shuffle”
January 22, 2003

Well, we did our sound check, which lasted forever, seein as how it took the crew at this university like weeks to adjust the lights and equipment and such. afterwards, headed over to local pub, THE HOWARD, and met 2 love love fans, David and Chris, which then became meeting 3 more then soon the whole pub was filled with fans who wanted a proper pint before the show (plus I am sure they wanted to see the Liverpool-Sheffield game before the show as well!)

Show was ok, not one of our best (by our standards), and the venue was only about 2/3 full..but we knew that coming in…Cambridge and Sheffield were the only two shows that had weak tix sales. But now it’s behind us and the fans were superb! After the show, we went back to the hotel and then walked up the road to the 24 hour kabob shop. Drank some beers and then hit the hay. Got a terrible wake up call at 11am…we were told we could sleep till near noon…oh buggars! Next up is birmingham..80 miles away…

Sheffield Pix from Kieth Stodart

Mike Randle


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