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“Short thoughts and good sounds”
September 3, 2003

I got an e-mail from Scottish K and he’s now safely back in England after drinking nearly half of Prague last week. But he assures me he’ll be hanging with Scottish Paul Barr very soon at a family wedding or something. Oh, I nearly forgot, I bought a nice shirt the other day. Ok, got that out of the way.

Been listening to the Evan Dando record loads; very good. Plus Hannah made me and the Singer each a copy of the new Shack. If you haven’t heard it and you are a LOVE fan, well, i think you should buy it. It’s got LOVE and the BYRDS and GRAM PARSONS written all over it. I like the drummer’s play with brushes on a couple of numbers. I also hear some Gene Clark. But it’s certainly Shack and it’s still original sounding. track 4 (the girl with the long brown hair) kicks ass. and they even name-drop Mr. Lee in track 3. Thanks again, Hannah. Anybody see Mick or John, tell ’em I dig the record.

Oh, and I bought a nice pair of new green cords.On sale, unbelievably cheap. Last night was fun, as Rusty and I rehearsed with our LA strings, Paula, Carrie, Heather, Julie and Ana at Paula’s house in West LA. And even though I live 10 min from paula, it still took me 40 minutes during rush hour.Down one friggin street! Traffic in LA sucks the big one.

Been working on this one damn song and I am stuck on the bridge and I just can’t get past it.I am supposed to send it off to a local producer but it ain’t finished. Should I sent the bridge seperately? (ha ha ha) ok, this is gonna have to do for now.Wasn’t it Ricky Nelson who said you can’t please everyone so you got to please yourself? Amen.

Mike Randle


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