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“Smile, it’s Sunday”
November 2, 2003

Lakers are back on a roll. Yep. Kobe/Shaq wars? Fughetaboutit. Hope everyone has been entertained by that rascal Bartlett. I should have tossed him out the van in New Hampshire when i had the chance…oh that Diary about the Swedes vs. the USA was totally all in fun. Every last one of the musicians we play with are great and ALL are like family. I mean, this is a business but you won’t find a better way to pay your bills. trust me. Bartlett was talking about people in ‘commitments.’ Dan is not in a commitment so he got that wrong. Now, maybe Dan SHOULD be committed but THAT’s outside the scope of the diaries. But he’s a very talented fellowand it takes a special individual to appreciate Sun Ra and to play with Nels Cline. For anyone not sure who Nels is, he’s a L.A. avant garde guitarist who’s influence can be heard on many musicians, Sonic Youth in particular. Nels is also a LOVE fan so we all have this LOVEly musical connection. NOW, today is a studio day for me (solo stuff) and i’m even happier that i found out my good pal, Nick Walusko, is gonna come down and hang out. Nick’s one of my fave guitarist and since he’s also Brian Wilson’s guitarist i am always trying to get him to show me Beach Boys songs. Oh, and BTW, the “Smile” record that Brian never finished? I’ve heard enough bootlegs (and i mean WAY before that started coming out on CD) to know that was a work of genius. I don’t know how the general public would have percieved it at the time. i think THAT may have played a part in it not being finished. PLus, Capitol records wanted a commercial record and Brian was very insecure and being manipulated at every turn. People should keep that in mind. ok, tomorrow i will finish up that east coast tour with the virginia and new york shows…but i don’t know if i can compete with bartlett! 7 more days and the LOVE train rolls into london. cheers to all…

Mike Randle


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