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Mike Randle


“Snow in Scotland”
February 1, 2003

After our Leicester show, we were very tired and got some much-needed sleep. We headed up to the land of the Scots, via the North East of England playing a gig on Newcastle on the way.

Before the Edinburgh show, Scottish Keith and I had some Mexican food and some really weak margaritas. (I think Keith may have something to say about this in his diary)

The Edinburgh show was great and I wore Keith’s kilt at the show. After the show, we got the usual kebabs and booze and we hit the hotel bar ’til 2am.

The next day we drove to Fife, which took us about 30 minutes and we had dinner with the guys from DRAW. I had steak, pigeon, and pheasant ….yum! then we drank whisky all night with their manager.

Woke up this morning and it started snowing!! Glasgow tomorrow

Mike Randle


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