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“Somewhere, in another galaxy, far far away…”
December 29, 2003

Well, we made it down to the Galaxy finally on that friday after some rather dodgy directions from Yahoo Maps. The place was freezing. But they did accomodate us with some delicious salso but it had too many onions and so Chapple said no thanks. it DID have too many onions but i borrowed tic tacs from Paula. After soundcheck we were all in our dressing rooms when the toilet stopped working in the upstairs dressing room. so i went downstairs but someone was in the boys room so i went to the strings’ room, knocked and walked in…what i heard was not meant for a boys’ ear… it was “dildo this” and “dildo that” and well, i went to the bathroom and they kept talking and laughing and i kinda felt left out. i had no idea this is what female string players talked about. so when i came out the toilet and washed my hands, they were towards the end of the dildo story but i just couldnt wait around for that kinda stuff.

the club fed us around 6:30pm and i had the cold terriyaki chicken. well, it wasnt meant to be cold but hey, nobody’s perfect. show time came and we really played a fun one. Saw Susan B and she gave me a cool gift…actually 2. but i think i mentioned them; a tee shirt and a cool coffe mug with Arrrrnold and Nixon on it. (best quote from our new Governor: “I think Gay Marriage should only be between a man and a woman”)…somebody give that man a comedy show. After the show, we all drank wine and beer and chatted and it was a good time for all. Once again LOVE had paid a visit behind the Orange Curtain, a.k.a., Orange County. And i dunny know why they call it Santa Ana cause it looked just like Costa Mesa. Anyways, we had the LA show the next day but i felt it would be hard to beat the O.C. show, even though i KNEW the Hollywood show would have a more energetic crowd…The Singer did, though, feel right at home at the Galaxy.

Mike Randle


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