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Mike Randle


July 6, 2003

Sunday, Day 11, July 6th

The phone range at 11am, it was Chapple asking what I planned to do today. But once he realised I was sleeping he said he’d ring later. I finished sleeping around 1 pm. Showered and dressed, I took a walk around and found a very seedy bar called, ‘Serie,’ I had 3 beers and played pool with a local named Diego, which is a popular name here.

Got back to the Hotel around 3.30pm and watched some CNN, a little of the awful Waterworld movie and Justin Timberlake’s video ‘Rock Your Body’ which for some unexplainable perverted reason, I can’t get enough of and rush to the TV every time it comes on. Yes, too many days away from home.

The phone rang again at 3.45pm and it was Chapple, who was Downtown. He gave me directions and I walked 15 minutes and found him. We had really over-priced salads for lunch and then found a bar and kicked it on a Spanish Quad like regulars. A few nice fans came up to tell us how fun the festival was and that they liked our set a lot. We thanked them and they went back to their Cervesas.

Chapple and I walked back about 6pm, each going to our separate rooms. I spent the rest of the night reading, writing and watching movies. My throat was still hurting and at 9.30am a wake-up call was just around the corner.

Mike Randle


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