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“The Dutch are set to Party”
March 29, 2003

Well, the soundcheck went well. There was a lot of stalling and a few technical problems but once they were ironed out, we went ahead and it all sounded quite nice. There are 3 new horn players for this show, 2 of which will do the whole tour, with the trombonist taking Bjorn’s place just for tonight. on trumpets are Peter and Orlich and on trombone will be Steffan (not to be confused with trumpeter, Stefan…1 “F”.)

The venue is serving all the acts that are playing the festival at 7 pm so, with it being 5:15 now, I am gonna not write too much more and take a quick “power” nap. By the way, a “power” nap is something we refer to in Los Angeles when we want to get some quick rest but not have it mess with business. (not to be confused with the “power lunch” that people do in Hollywood.)

Mike Randle


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