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“The windy, cold and rainy city”
June 5, 2003

Got to the hotel (from the airport) around 8pm. Went down on Wells street, found a bar and had dinner while the Ducks were in overtime against the Devils (Ducks won about a minute into overtime)…

Next morning, walked around a bit then went to look at the venue (which was a few blocks away) about 1:30pm…then went to Louie’s On the park with Chapple for Gumbo. After that we went to soundcheck but the stuff wasn’t set up so we spent time sitting around. Finally got soundchecking around 3:30 and then the Swedes showed up and they checked as well.

There were some sound difficulties which made it last a lot longer than it should have. Around 5pm (Urge Overkill’s) Nash Kato showed up and we jammed with him for 20 or so minutes. Everyone felt good about the sound and we split at 6pm.

Met up with Julie, Fritz, and Scott from Cleveland and we had beers and stuff and Julie and fritz talked about Macedonia music and then me and fritz talked about Neil Schon’s guitar playing (when he was in Santana.)

Hit the stage at 8-ish and the Singer came onstage with the help of a walking can but he did a good show and I think the people appreciated it. It was one of the best American crowds I’ve yet to see.

After the show, everyone went to the Liars club. I was very hungry and instead went to Louie’s again. I saw the Swedes there later as well. Then Pete said, “wake-up call at 8:30” and wouldn’t you know it, it was 8:30 like that, it seemed. Our room was without towels by mistake so Chapple had to harrass the hotel people. I figured i’d get in a diary in the meantime. Ha, towels just arrived…ok….off to New York City, mid-town Manhattan.

Mike Randle


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