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Mike Randle


“Airport downtime”
June 3, 2003

Wake up call came at 7:30. After showering and getting my stuff together, I went down and had breakfast in the lobby. Once we checked into the airport i found out our flight was delayed 1 hour (actually 90 minutes) so that would mean we’d arrive in Chicago later, which meant less fun time. oh well!

As I type this, we are flying over salt lake city and have about 3 hours left in the air. I need to change my strings tonight. Kjersten and maria asked me where there was a music shop near the hotel so they could buy new strings for their violins. So I called our Chic guitar tech, John San Juan, and he said there was one right around the corner. Also heard that the LA times gave the UCLA show a good review. or maybe it was a luke warm review? Well, at leats it wasn’t a bad review. On other parts of this plane, nearly everyone is asleep, cept for Rusty and Chapple, who are playing Yahtzi, and Gene, who’s reading the paper. The Stewardess is handing out snacks now so I think I’ll try a sample…oh yeah, tomorrow’s show is a very early show. We play from 7:30 to 9:30…wow, huh? Really looking forward to playing Park West…

Mike Randle


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