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“This Joe ain’t your everyday Joe”
February 19, 2003

So, Joe Millionaire chose Zora over Sarah as his Love interest. It’s about time. I was getting sick of this guy dragging his feet in the dirt…listening to his parents talk about how he’s “such a nice guy” and how he ditched a modeling career in paris in favor of pushing dirt at a construction site in Virginia. Are you kidding me?

At least more people watched Joe Millionaire than Wacko TV (otherwise known as whatever station that’s airing a Michael Jackson special that day.) And I guess it’s nice to know that a guy can be presented as having a millions of dollars and then we are able to watch nearly 20 women parade themselves in hopes of being the “one” who snags him.

Now, in reality, this Joe ain’t your every day Joe (sorry, couldn’t resist that one…) cause he’s really good looking and how many good looking Millionaires need the Fox network to find them a date? I just don’t know who’s dumber; him for allowing himself to made a fool on national TV or me for watching it? The first thing that spring to mind is that, for a million bucks, it’s a small price to pay. Yeah, I’m with you on that, except for one little detail: HE DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT THE MILLION BUCKS UNTIL THE END OF THE SERIES.

Now, the parading babes, they THOUGHT he was loaded and figured to either get some of that money or maybe a little t.v. synergy happening. Can’t blame people for trying make a buck. But, is it worth it to make a fool out of yourself? For that question we need go as far as P.T. Barnum who once said,”Some people are very happy to make a fool out of themselves and practically delirious to get paid for it.” Of course it was P.T. Barnum that also suggested there was a sucker born every minute.

Mike Randle


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