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“More useless information from yours truly…”
February 19, 2003

I was sitting around, playing guitar, and just thinking, “isn’t there a soundcheck I need to be at?” It’s so odd being home when you spend so much time packing and unpacking suitcases. Other than a break in October and November (and part of December), we’ve been pretty much on the road since May. I can’t even place a number on how many hotels we’ve stayed in that time.

But now I’m home and I want to tour again! I guess I need another week to get it out of my system. Maybe it’s because I’m never comfortable staying in one spot too long (unless it’s an Island paradise…)… I dunno… I’m in L.A. for 5 more weeks and then I am in Amsterdam…. can’t wait…

So, there are a few b/days coming up…I know there are a few LOVE fans with the March 7 b/day they share with the singer, as well as their family members! I know Robyn Hitchcock’s b/day is march 2. Speaking of R.H., he’s in LA on Thursday on holiday…he’s gonna play an acoustic set at LARGO so we all plan to go check his set out.

And I know one person who’s beat the NYC snow; Gene Kraut. Yep, the LOVE manager is one a plane AS I WRITE this to Los Angeles for a holiday as well. And, considering that today’s weather was about 70F (about 21C), with sunshine and scattered clouds, it should be a nice change.

Also, I find it funny that the USA use Fahrenheit, yet everyone else uses Celcius. Why? Why can’t we all agree on this? How does one do the conversion? I was curious and called the weather channel and asked. the answer was more simple than I could have ever imagined. To go from C to F, just multiply by 9, divide by 5, and add 2. To go for F to C, subtract 32, multiply by 5 and divide by 9. Got it? Now wasn’t that fun?

So, you just can’t IMAGINE how many e-mails I got about France. And call me naive, but I was clueless to how much the British disliked the French! LOVE fan, David Baily, correctly pointed out that I didn’t suggest we ban FRENCH LETTERS (and for good reason, as you imagine), although I told him I couldn’t be certain Yankees knew what they were.

I got caught up so much in all this world war 3 stuff that I completely missed who Joe Millionaire chose! Does anyone know? Did he actually choose one of the women yet or is that tonight? What do you think those gold diggers are gonna do when they find out he’s broke? Did I also mention that I overslept and missed Saturday’s, East Enders? Dammit, all…

Mike Randle


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