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“Those wacky Swedes!”
February 27, 2003

Bjorn, Stefan, Chapple (being a “buggar”), Mike and Rusty partying in Mike’s hotel room after the Cambridge show

Forever Changes trumpeter, Stefan Persson, has informed me today that Bjorn, Karl, Oscar and himself will not be making the short (Greece, England, Holland, Ireland and Scotland) European LOVE tour that starts in 4 weeks due to a previous studio recording commitment. PREVIOUS COMMITMENT? What the heck was he talking about?

I found the e-mail hard to swallow, in that, the FC horns (for those of you lucky enough to catch them this winter) are an integral part of the LOVE live experience and anything less would seem unacceptable. I mean, who’s gonna take Bjorn’s place on the trombone? Those are not easy shows to fill, let me tell you. And what about Stefan himself? Who’s gonna get wated and put a shower cap on their face?

Stefan with shower cap over face

These guys are our “Three Amigos” and it pains me to think I’ll be onstage and not have them behind me, to my left, playing those great horn lines. Instead, there’ll be some Swedish imposters hitting clams and trying to dance. Well, those new guys (or gals?) better “Bring it”, come March 29, at the festival in Rotterdam. We’ll see to it. Hopefully, they’ll have someone who likes to do wacky things, kinda as Oscar does! And, speaking of Oscar, I know some of you ladies cannot resist the Swedish Casanova that is Oscar! But you won’t have to worry about him until the USA tour in may BECAUSE OSCAR HAS BETTER THINGS TO DO!

Bjorn, Stefan and Oscar after the Leicester show

Yes, we will all be disappointed. And even Karl, Mr. “3 shots of Tequila and i’ll play my trumpet along with the DJ,” can’t make it. What IS this world coming to, when the Forever Changes horn section are too big for their britches?! Well, I hope their recording session goes well. But I suppose I understand and will just have to get used to not seeing them on this tour. We’ll miss them for sure…so they best make sure the replacements are GREAT musicians because, for LOVE fans, only the best is good enough.

Mike Randle


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