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“Variously confused and such”
September 17, 2003

I’m like most Americans. when I’m not cleaning my gun or down-loading porn I’m watching tv. and when I’m not watching tv I’m listening to CDs. my friend who lives in York, Steve, is visiting LA and VEGAS and is basically splitting his time betwixt my place and Rusty’s. last night Steve and I got lit up and it all wound down at Pink’s around 3am. you don’t need the details. just imagine drinks being poured and glasses being emptied. and i won’t EVEN get into the assh*le that worked at Formosa who was serving flat Anchor Steam. nope. gonna remain positive.

well, Steve’s actually Scottish and, well, he likes Vodka. only drinks it, with some 7-up. he and Rusty went shopping Sunday at Ameoba records (on sunset, near vine street) nd Steve brought back happy Mondays, the new Robert Plant, Simple Minds (hey, he’s Scottish, remember?), Manic Street and some other stuff. we listened to some music and then went over to barney’s to drink and play pool. I was up 3-nil until steve staged his comeback and nailed me, 4-3. but see, the night before that, Saturday that is, he was mopping everyone in the Daily Pint off the table. he was unbeatable. which caught the attention of two southern cal babes, Sam (gee, forget the other gal’s name…um…um…NICOLETTE! ok. got it).

but Stevie was too cool even for that lot. those bonnie Scots, huh! so he’s in vegas now and I’m watching tv trying (hopelessly) to find another episode of QUEER EYE FOR THE STRAIGHT GUY, which is hands down the best show on tv. oh yeah, happy birthday to Julie Carpenter, who played violin with us (and did a damn good job!) at the San Diego street scene. so Julie, make it a good one and don’t forget to dance.

I was going to write something about this model I saw on melrose today but I think that’s boring. so I won’t say anything about it or the short skirt she was wearing.

Mike Randle


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