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“We bad, we know it, we bad, we show it”
June 21, 2003

photo by Kerstin-the violinist-at goofing at The Fillmore

On the surface this comes off as a group-depricating slogan. But underneath it all is a sirt of English take on American schoolyard slang. The day before England beat Argentina in the ’02 Cup Semis, The Singer, Rusty and I were standing outside our hotel in the rain wating for a taxi to the venue we were playing in Brighton that night. All of a sudden about ten 9-year-olds walked past us holding hands and chanting,”We bad..we know it, we bad…we show it!” But, with British accents, it sounds more like, “Weh Bahd, weh nohw it, weh bahd, weh schow it!” That made our day. It was cuter than I could ever commit to words. Trust me on that. It IS a small word after all.

Chapple and I were goofing off near the poster room at the Fillmore (where they have some of the oldest and coolest billings ever, like The Mothers with Love and the Seeds or the Grateful Dead with The Velvet Underground and Tim Buckley…wow, huh?) when (violinist) Kerstin took the above photo. If you look carefully you can see Chapple’s really cool red and yellow striped tie. You can’t really notice but iI was wearing a Jerry Garcia tie…

So, 5 more days and then we’re off to jolly ol England again for like the 10th time in 1 year! And now that the Live CD has been delayed till July 14, we probably gotta go there again…woe is us! (and what could be better!) Of course, I am anticipating Premier Lodges like I look forward to a visit to the dentist. But hey, if that’s what it takes to rock and roll, it’s a small price.

Mike Randle


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