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“Diggin’ uncle Q”
June 21, 2003

When we were in New York, Chapple bought a Jerry Jones Danelectro bass and took it back to LA on the plane. He busted it out at today’s rehearsal and I must state how good it sounded; excellent on every level. He’s still feeling his way around it so I don’t think he’ll bring it on our next tour (which starts next week.)

Funny, but it looks just like the bass that my fave bassist, Joey Spampinato, plays. Joey is the bassist/singer of the greatest band EVER, NRBQ. I don’t care what anyone thinks, I could watch these guys do a 10 hour show and not blink. If you’ve ever seen a show you’ve to know what I mean.

http://www.allmusic.com/ —-to look up NRBQ

And my big wish is to have LOVE and NRBQ play on the same bill. Throw in Cheap Trick and the Lovin Spoonful and you got heaven on a silver platter, far as I am concerned. I guess it’s my “dream team!”

Now was that Fritz on the message board? what are they doing to ya to make you jump on that thing? And so sweet of Caryne to try to organize something decent before a show…we’re lucky, we got the BEST fans.

3 weeks ago, an English bloke named john was in LA and we happened to have mutual friends…well, he said he was at the Scala show back in March and it was interesting to talk about that show while downing pints in Barney’s Beanery. John’s gonna be at the Guildford Festival so hopefully, we’ll meet up again.

All this talk of Cardiff and no Mel Cicero in sight! Has the world gone mad or has Wales hidden rock’s best troublemaker this side of Lester Bangs? Inquiring minds want to know. And this will be my first trip to Wales, ever. Dukie has insisted so many times and now he tells me it’s 10 miles from his pad, this venue. So, wait no more El Dukie, the LOVE train a cometh.

I saw a photo of the Glastonbury grounds and nearly wet myself! I’m supposed to play THAT? Too many people in that thing. How is it supposed to work? Lucky for us, we have our trusted Danish sound guy, the one and only KOSE’. He’ll fix it in the mix (I’ve heard that before…) or he’ll at least pour you a beer…and all you curious fellas asking me about Kerstin (our 1st chair Violinist on the USA tour), she told me today she won’t be making the UK trip. Sorry. But she wishes everyone well and says it’s raining in Sweden…

Speaking of rain, the sky has been threatening Los Angeles for over 36 hours with rain but just can’t bring itself to commit. This has been odd June weather for us but it sure as heck beats 105F in Vegas. Ok, gonna put an NRBQ record on now…cheer…

Mike Randle


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