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“WE’RE 2! WHO’S #1?”
May 1, 2003

Sure as heck ain’t me. That’s the slogan at my local post office that hangs behind the counter. Now explain something to me; how come I can send a CD to England in 2000 for $1.60 but now that same trip costs $3.50? That’s like, more than a 100% increase. They couldn’t explain to me why but, after my AIRPORT diary, i’m sure you know i wasn’t surprised. And this is what puts a dent in my effort to release new (solo) music in the UK, where my possible “music supporters” outnumber the USA 10-to-1. So, I’ve sent off some demos to a few UK labels to see who wants to be on my team. Mailing that many CDs from Los Angeles waste everybody’s money. And only makes the USPS rich.

Funny, but I get this call from THE NEW GUY…he’s on his cell phone calling me from PINK’s Hot Dogs, off La Brea and Melrose, and he’s ordering his stuff while he’s telling me something cool he got thru the mail from Scottish Keith…and as I listen to him order (Chili, Onions, Cheese), I realize he forgot the mustard…so he’s yelling like crazy to tell em not for get the mustard…but he also wanted to remind me not to miss his kid’s b/day party saturday (he’s turning 5), which I will most certainly attend.

Seems as though the live RFH cd is churning along in the mix faze and word has it it sounds brilliant so I really can’t wait to have it in my collection. Also, wow, I got the last 2 installments of THE CASTLE and they are really really great. if you don’t have a subscription to the ULTIMATE LOVE FANZINE, I highly recommend you do so at your earliest chance. Then bloke who runs it, publishes it, does everything to it, is David P. Housden and, as big of a fan he is (and as much work as he’s put into this awesome Mag.), he’d never met THE SINGER until last summer at Queen Elizabeth Hall. it was a great moment, one I shalt soon forget.

The Fanzines are filled with loads of information, reviews, photos, interviews with old LOVE members, commentary, fan letters and concert dates, among other things. I now have numbers 23 and 24, with 24 being the latest one. Anyone interested in a subscription or back issues of the CASTLE should write to:


And don’t be surprised if it costs you a fortune if you mail it from MY neighborhood post office.

Mike Randle


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