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Brianjonestown Near Massacre
May 10, 2004


well, so I woke up and went and grabbed a bit at the Mason Cafe. got a text from Keith and Margeret-Anne; they were in Chinatown and would be back at the hotel soon. i showered and read a bit and then took a walk around union square. the weather was absolutely perfect and really typical SF, which means it’s hot and then cold and then hot again and then cold again, sorty of like the CITY version of menopause. Keith and the missez came round (they took a street car down Powell street) and then we took a stroll round the city. then we decided to hit up the Haight. So we taxi’d to Haight street, near Masonic ave. ($9) and then walked round and then we found this great bar. but next to it was a classic tee shirt and i thought long and hard about buying it for Manic, as i know she would get the humor. it was a shirt with 2 cartoons. on the left was a woman in her knickers, tugging them down a bit so you could see a few of her ‘short n curlies’ and on the right was George Dubya Bush. the writing beneath said (to the left) GOOD BUSH and (to the right) BAD BUSH!!!!! anyways, so we found this great Irish Pub (forget name) and the LAKER game was on and the LAKERS kicked the Spurs ass, which is fine by me cause i hate them Spurs. we tied on about 3 pints and then went shopping again. this time we went to Aaardvark’s and i found some great clothes and spent more than i thought on would (on second hand clothes too…$50). we walked further down Haight street (past Ashbury, where a hippy gal said WELCOME TO HAIGHT STREET!), near the people’s park to Aomeba records, where i bought Van Halen’s divER DOWN on cd. after that, we went next door to the Sombrero for a beer and to have a wee when we bumped into Anton from the BJM! so i bought the lad a whiskey and a beer (hey, he was already tanked and it was 3pm!). we all laughed and drank and laughed and listened to Anton talk, which is an art in itself. it requires one to pay attention and to assume the role of a typewriter and let the phrases roll off as if you were typing a story. Anton, in my opinion, is one of California’s LAST artist. he really does live and die for what he creates. maybe that’s insanity. i cannot see any way to seperate him from his work. when one flies with the crows, one gets shot with the crows. so we bid him adieu and he assured us we would be on the guest list. after that we taxi’d back to the hotel and took a rest for a spell. then we taxi’d up near Geary and Columbus (near the LUSTY LADY!…oh why didn’t we go in? it’s only 25 cents!!!!) and went to some chinese resteraunt. but we were stuffed from the beer and couldn’t eat much. we then walked the 2 miles back to the hotel (to wear off some of the beer/food!) and chilled for a spell again. now it was 8pm and Margret-Anne decided to pass on the BJM show so Keith and i hopped a taxi and went over to Cafe Du Nord, off market and south Van Ness ($8) and then we were on the guest list so we went in and got some drinks. saw Anton first and said hello. then i spoke to (keyboardist) Rob and then (guitarists) Ricky and Frankie. The first band on before them was the Stratford 4. they were very capable and sounded good. there were 2 nice looking gals on the band (on bass and drums) and i think that’s what most people (boys and girls…HEY, it IS san francisco…) were looking at. when they were done the crowd thickened and Anton and company tore through a blistering set of hollywood-cum-laude tunes that had the venue’ workers screaming for mercy. Keith and i nursed some beers and CAPE CODS all night and then finally stuck with Pilsners. the show was going smoothly until some punter through a Heineken at Anton and Anton lept into the audience, chased the guy down adn beat him up a bit before the guy ran out the club. Anton offered to meet him outside. and from that point on, the bottle was the focus of the show…it became the bottle songs…and then they were finished but then promised to do 1 more song, which became 10 more songs! and then it wa over and keith and i went to carl’s jr and that was that. bedtime.

3 Amigos , Scotish Keith, Anton from BJM and Mike

Mike Randle


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