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Sf, Scot Keith And His Lovely Wife, Margaret
May 9, 2004

well, so I got up at 6am Saturday morning and showered again and got my things together and went to the velocity cafe and send off some diaries to the Freedom Man. at 8 am I got some gas and drove north on Lincoln to the 10 fwy. took that 3 miles to the 405 south. stayed on that for 30 min and then i exited Lakewood ave in Long beach. parked in lot D ($6/day) and took the shuttle to the airport ($1 tip to driver). Since all i had was a hand bag i went to the kiosk and place my credit card in and typed in my auth code number. the machine spit my tix out and i went and bought a chicken ceasar sandwich. it was awful. so I had a diet coke instead. then everyone boarded. and then there was chaos on Jet Blue airlines. no one would listen to the stewards. it was more like a 5th grade frield trip than a flit to Oakland. please place you bag above head. please put your seat back. please this, please that. we finally took off and i slept the entire 55 minutes. we landed fine and i bolted for the AIR BART shuttle ($2) and within 10 minutes we were at the BART station (Bay Area Rapid District). 30 minutes later i was at the Powell station and 2minutes after that i was checking in the Powell Hotel in union Square. easy as pie. turned the tv on and watched some baseball. an hour later keith texd to say his plane had landed (he flew into SF instead of oakland) Not long after that, me him and Margaret were drinking in the Irish House on O’Farrell and mason. then we came back to the hotel and everyobdy rested a bit. then later on we went to TOMMY’S JOYNT and the food was great but i was upset listen to a lover’s quarell. finally the woman tells the guy to “F*ck off” and said he disgusted her and she split. he didn’t chase after her though and she came back in 5 minutes being real nice to him. what a sick couple, i thought. she was loud and just embarrassed herself. we left Tommy’s and went to the EDINBURGH CASTLE for drinks and then after that we walked the wife back to the hotel and me and keith went back up to the irish house and say a great covers band (they even did the Seeds’ PUSHIN TOO HARD!!!) doing all 60’s covers. we watched then for like 90 minutes while nursing Stellas. around 1am we walked back to the hotel and i crashed out, big time, very tired and happy!

Mike Randle


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