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Cheap Red Wine & A Cover
June 11, 2004

well, the Lakers got their butts kicked and Shaq only went to the free-throw line once. wots up with that? well, we’ll kill em next game now. we watched it down at the Tavern and richard and i had cheeseburgers while Rusty and Ringo had Turkey Burgers. we then went to Rusty’s to watch Master and Commander over red wine. i got tired and went home. after exchanging some funny emails with my good pal, Jackie, i exused myself to go cough up some cold that was still hanging about in my throat since i was last sick. but it didn’t happen that way. i bent over and out came all the (terrible and cheap) red wine and some burger. i know, that is like way too gross to think about, even worse to actually see. but i felt fine afterwards and continued to email with her and even cracked open a beer. cause i wasn’t drunk. the cheap wine made me ill though. and i checked my emails THIS morning to find that an interview that i did for Whisky Magazine (back in Febuary) made the cover page! so now i gotta find the mag out here otherwise i gotta wait till i get to london (a week from monday). here’s the link but i dont think you can read it online: https://www.whiskymag.com/magazine/issue40/ wanna go more into the fun we had in vegas. Dave Green sent some fotos so i will do a diary on that as soon as i feel better.

Mike Randle


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