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Right On Target
June 10, 2004

Just got back from TARGET hell trying to buy Julian a foot scooter for his 5th b/day. His mum had been there and seen a cool Shrek one that he wanted but by the time I got there, they were all gone. and no one could find the numbers to their other locations! so i had to call 411. and then call the Baldwin Hills store and the North Hollywood store. after 2 calls and 20 hold-minutes later, i found it at the No Ho store (No Ho being North Hollywood, ok?) But they would only hold it till 2pm and it was 11am and i had to get back to Santa Monica and take Richard and Ringo to see Nick Walusko. So I had to phone his mum and beg her to pick it up, which she did, thankfully. and that was my wacky Target experience. Not much, huh. See, that’s how dull my life is. shopping at Target! And it’s funny when you run into friends there; they try to hide! But i like the stuff there. So i shop there. tonight is the Laker game and me, rusty, ringo and richard are gonna catch the game at the tavern, over pints and conversation. we leave for the UK in a bit over a week. can’t wait. heard the weather’s great, which means it;s gonna rain the moment the wheels of the plane touch down at Heathrow. Hannah says what i need is good company at the airport, a nice embrace and a proper pint at the hotel bar afterwards. i think she knows best and so i am not going to argue with a woman from Dorset who has a sense of how to play drums. her company is not only appreciated but encouraged… now, the new guy told me to buy a logitech wireless keyboard/mouse for my laptop and i bought a diff brand and he laid into me about it and i was tired and so i got mad at him like i do sometimes cause he’s a good friend and good friends can drive you crazy. but in a good way. and i wouldn’t have it any other way. i guess i could pick up the phone and tell him that the back of my lap top has only 1 area and it’s either for a keyboard or a mouse…but not both. but i never opened the box. maybe an adapter would do it? i should ask him. still, i know he’ll say I TOLD YOU SO. i feel like a TARGET, man.

Mike Randle


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