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Curb My Enthusiasm
November 10, 2004

Ok, I made a plea a few years back for the Sopranos on VHS and a super cool fan sent it to me, and man I really appreciated it. I think i even bought him and his gal lunch at Barney’s (or maybe it was drinks?)…anyways…i am BEGGING anyone and everyone, if you taped CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM’s 3rd season…may i PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE borrow it? Please? i’ll pay for the mailing and i’ll send it back to you when i’m done. I’m beggin ya…c’mon…somebody…i got a b/day next week i think and this would make me jump for joy…PLEASE!!!!!!

Oh, and i did my foto session today for magnet…the guy, Joe, who’s a really good pro foto guy, did shots here at my house. On my porch, by a fence and on my couch with me holding my acoustic Hohner and stuff. So that’s a done deal now. The interview and spread comes out in January/Feb issue. Lets hope BARSTOOL BLUES has a USA label by then to capitolize on that article. But hey, after wots been going on lately DONT COUNT ON IT! Anything , everything and nothing are possible in this 2004 year…

All the best,

Mike Randle


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