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November 9, 2004

Johnny Echols, Arthur Lee & Don Conca
Photo by The New Guy

Well, been fielding some emails (sorry… STILL 400 emails behind…)… and give Tina Winter the prize for her creative subject lines when she emails me ( i could tell you but then i’d hafta kill you…) and finally Josiah has resurfaced but i havnt opened the email so i cannot say wot he’s gettin at! But i can gather from MOST subject lines that people really enjoyed themselves on that last tour and i hafta say, i aint never seen A.L. sit and sign autographs after everyshow, fullstop! And he was spot on and the Zombie blokes were heaven to tour with and that tour was one of my fave times of my life…me and Johnny Echols eating all you can eat salad in Nebraska…Johnny’s amp almost blowing up at every soundcheck…and Johnny ripping a serious ass solo out in Cleveland…man…i have been 1 lucky lad, i must say.

See, normally i got loads to say with my big mouth but i’ve been so overwhelmed with emotion lately i havent quite been able to put some things into words…maybe one day? it’s tough. it’s been a real disappointment to lose Don Conca. See, Don came to our first 50 rehearsals (from 2002) and filmed each one that he attended.And Don was known to tell nothing but the truth. He shot it striaight and i really liked talking to him. aND to see him and Johnny Echols chatting about he old days (they both got kicked out of Hollywood High School) and the old gang…always left me slobbering at the mouth! i was always thinking…WHERE ARE THE CAMERAS! WHERE’S MY PEN!!! But, alas, not everything can be documented with the eye lens…and so, Don, rest well…MANY people loved you and appreciated you, man.

And so here i am banging my head against the wall, waking up at 7am while Hannah sleeps and so i get to writing lyrics or finishing music stuff and i got my son, Julian on this weekend , and so i wake up and work on stuff and then he wakes up in the other room, ok, and so he wants a toasted bagel with butter and then, Hannah wakes up but rolls over and goes back to sleep…so i get the kid dressed and off to school (cus it was Monday), which is in Hollywood (Rosewood Elementary, where the New Guy’s kid goes as well), and there’s like 2 car accidents on the 10 FWY and i avoid them and listen to 101.1fm KEARTH and here like the Zombies and the Stones over and over again. Then i get home and me and Hannah dash off to Gilbert’s for breakfast. She gets the Breakfast Burrito and i get to the Heuvos Americanos and i have ICED TEAD while she has Diet Coke and our server is LUNA, who’s about as insane as one can come without filing for tax breaks.

So we do that and stuff and then we drive around a bit and then we get home and then we watch Court TV and then i work some more on some songs while Hannah works on some keyboard parts for me (bless her!) and we wait for some laci peterson news like news scum but are left deflated. Rusty and Lucy get home from melrose and it turns out they were at Pink’s. I say DAMN, ok? I love Pink’s. I’m DOWN with Pink’s. Oh, have you bought the record yet? shame on you, dammit all. 🙂 SOOOOO….we decide we’ll go to Gilbert’s for dinner as well but my mail, or MOST of it, hasnt been coming to the house so i call Alia and ask her if my mail’s there and YEP it’s there and stuff and then i did some email back-and-forth with this fotographer for Magnet magazine, Joe, and also some girly emails with Monica, which is ALWAYS funny cause always we talk about movies and how she always gets in for free and how she always rubs it in! (i mean that in a nice way…my b/day is coming up so i gotta watch it…)…but she lets me know what’s worth seeing so that’s always nice…

So then, Hannah finished working out those long keyboard parts excellently and i figured the gal deserved a treat so i got her some water out the fridge and got myself some beer and then it hit me that writing this will get a shoe squareley upside my head so then i figured to change it to say that SHE WANTED water and that she’s adorable as anything and makes me happy beyond words and that I FEEL SO DANG lucky, ok? so she drank the water (me ducking) and then gave me a super big hug and said something about my shorts i was wearing (they are Nike but she calls them NIKE RANDLES) and some other stuff that was inaudible i think bbut we gotta go on main street and get my main from Alia w/o drinking NO NO not my MAIN but my MAIL, sorry…gotta get it from Alia…from the Tavern…so i can pay bills and answer all that fan mail i get from Iceland…oh, and before i forget, Toby Keith sux.

All the best,

Mike Randle


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