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Curses, Foiled No More
October 24, 2004

Well, the BoSox finally ridded their nemesis from contention (of course Pedro and a few others are Free Agents at season’s end – can you say STEINBRENNER CHECKBOOK?) this year and seeming have pulled off a game 1 thriller against the boring cardinals. Het, I don’t care how many home runs Pujols hits or how Canadian Larry Walker can be, “Eh”, they are still boring and they are still from St. Louis, where the only thing to do is gamble on riverboats and drink Bud Light.

Still VERY busy since I have been home and promise to try to get thru the 300 emails I still haven’t answered. Most seem to suggest people had a wonderful time at the USA shows and we all say THANK YOU for making it special. Others are from the UK wondering wots up with our future trips out that way. Hopefully, the RDE TELEPHONE will have that sorted soon enough. BARSTOOL BLUES has been doing great and i must admit, i do answer emails faster when i see I WANT TO BUY IT in the subject matter…just call me old fashioned…

Well last night Rusty, Lucy (his girl), Hannah and myself went downtown to our good pal, Andrew Bluestein’s 40th b/day party. it was alot of fun and if any of you have come to the Bitter redhead on tuesdays you may have seen Andrew on stage rockin the guitar on a song or two with them. So, happy Birthday ‘Money B’! Chapple’s whupping his studio into shape (he has the old Ampeg 16 track 2″ machine that Baby Lemonade did 68% Pure Imagination on…) and we are going over stuff and this and that, ya’ll. Well, i am off to grab Jules and then head over to Daddyo’s to grab some gear and then back home and then work on some song ideas.

I PROMISE to get to the emails as soon as possible, as soon as i get a full days chance. Ooops, 9 more days till teh Election. All i ask of anyone, regardless of who you want to be president, do not let the media sway your vote and do not buy into all the rediculous tv ads; Both sides have alot riding on this election and this election could truly change America. Well, America has already changed, if you think about it. Remember the Militia folks? Whatever happened to them? I was kinda moved by their speeches that the Government was intruding in the personal lives. Maybe what they meant was inruding on THEIR lives? So i guess as long as YOU get what YOU want America can go down the toilet, eh? I see. Well, there’s 250 million people in this country and i tend the think we can’t pander to the few who want it THEIR way, regardless of what the rest of us think. Regardless WHO gets the job, the Patriot Act is toast. And i say good riddance.

Mike Randle


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