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Usa Can Be A Strange Place
October 30, 2004

I never got into the last gig, did I? It was in Annapolis, Baltimore. In an eatery with loads of tables. Craig Dye, from the night before, I had threatened to show up with his horn and blast thru ALONE AGAIN and I dared him. he showed up and I was shocked. The best part was he was NOTE PERFECT and just a treat beyond treats for the LOVE fans that had no idea they were gonna be delighted with Craig’s awesome, emotional burst of melodic trumpet bliss.

Afterwards, Craig got to see what a band does after a gig in Maryland, which is look bored and watch baseball, drink beer and eat food. Craig was the ultimate sport and I cannot thank him enough. CRaig Dye, THANK YOU!

If I ain’t said it before, trust me that Johnny Echols was a blast to have on tour and a perfect Gentleman. The tour was a real fun blast, even though there were some mean spirited people either saying bad things about some of the band memebers or the Zombies, most of the shows rose above that childish, impotent behavoir and put the music SQUARELY right where it belonged; among the wonderful, beautiful positive music loving individuals who used their hard earned dosh to help everybody realise this dream. to you i say thanks. to the negative no-life clowns…well i say get a life (and a bath!!!).

So, in summation, this USA tour was a real good thing. Arthur was amazing. Arthur was better than Jagger, Davies, and anyone else i can think of. He was THAT good. And i aint ever seen him that good in the UK or Europe. can you believe that? and i’ve seen Arthur kick ASS in the UK and Europe. He was Better than that!!!! UK/EUROPE, i hope you can handle the new Mr Lee cause he’s set to take the world. And all the negative people might wanna just take a nap er sumthin. (i know it seems silly to write about these powty children …. i’d rather not answer their emails but simply say, “Boys, get a life you jealous little chumps! “)

Now that has just saved me 15 minutes! i can now catch eastenders on KOCE channel 50, fridays at 7pm and 7:30!!! dont miss it! And to every wonderful, ab fab LOVE supporter i say thank you, always…

Mike Randle


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