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Day 11 Roscoe’s Chicken And Bristol
February 19, 2004

Got to bristol and checked into our hotel. got no sleep, as Rita called at 6am and we chatted before i went back to sleep and then the wake up call came at 9am! no biggie, right? rolled into bristol, did soundcheck, which sounded good and then we went our seperate ways. i did an interview with a guy named Cavan and it was for the castle, i think. saw Dukie and Caryne at a nearby table having a pint each. after the interview i went and chilled backstage. later, we played, what i personally think, was one of our BEST SHOWS EVER. it was just magical and everyone, from the fans to the singer felt it. after teh show, Jackie (who was there ut her hubby Peter couldnt make it), gave Chapple, rusty and i a ride back to our hotel (so we wouldn’t have to wait for the tour bus or taxi it). we got lost but then found it. met up with the keys in the lobby and proceeded to drink pints galore. jackie bought everyone a round (thanks jackie!) sat for a bit and then headed off. we finished our beers and everyone set off to sleep the night off. by the way, the Keys played a brilliant set at this bristol gig as well.

Mike Randle


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