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Mike Randle


Day 12 Nme, Avid Merrion And The £5 Puke Fest
February 19, 2004

This was our day off and we were heading to London, as the Singer was to receive a lifetime award from the cute, but shallow, London glamour/music rag. we arrived by taxi to pure bonafide paparazzi and when i saw Avid Merrion i knew we were in the right place. we took our seats and wow Avid was 1 table over. I went over and bugged him. again. again. like 20 times. he was dressed up like evil knivel. daddyo got him and me in a picture together. Avid said something about his dead mother. champagne. wine. beer. wine. more beer. roast beef in yorkshire pudding. more champagne. all free. Thom York walks by. takes a seat. i chat with Chris Moyles from Radio 1. he’s a very funny and nice bloke. i am totally and thoroughly wasted at this point. bang my knee on the soundboard railing on my way to the toilet. bug Avid one more time. go away, you scare me, is what he said. lights out.

Mike Randle


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