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Day 11 (Sunday) A Friendly Affair At St. Albans
July 15, 2004

Woke up about 9am and had a nice English breakfast, some juice and tea. I had till about 5pm for sound check so Han and myself went walking around and i found this cute shop and got Julian (my son, that is) these cool glow-in-the-dark alphabet fridge magnets he wanted. Then, it being about 2pm, we went and bought me a belt, cause I’d left mine at LAX before i even got to the UK. Then we found a good restaurant called GASTRODOME or something like that. It was flame-broiled chicken dinner and just really tasty.

Went to Marks & Spencer to get some beers for later on the bus after the show and then we headed to the venue for sound check. Hannah’s friend, Miranda, arrived and so they hung out in the lobby. Oh, did i mention that at the barn dance i got a bad FOSTER’S on tap and puked twice? And it was only my first beer of the day! After sound check i did some laundry in the venue and then we hit the stage and it was a good crowd. Maybe wasn’t our best show but the crowd were great folk.

Afterwards, chilled with Lizzy and Tina, and Richard Meehan and Miranda and John Etherington and Hilary (who only lived 15 away) and our friend Stu’s wife, Janie (who drove Richard) and so we were in great company. Signed some autographs for some very very nice folks and then we hit the bus. All the guys were chilling and it was funny with all boys on the bus and Hannah all nicely looking in her pajamas. THAT was priceless. We had some of our Czech beer and then called it a night. Han was so tired that, while she was asleep I accidentally elbowed her in the head and she didn’t even feel it.

Mike Randle


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