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Day 13 (Tuesday) Swedes Help Us Make A Party On The Hotel!
July 15, 2004

Well, at about 11 am me and 2 members of the group took a train to Liverpool, where we were met by (Mick & John’s sister) Jo Anne Head and her boyfriend, who gave us a lift to our hotel. I was tired and took a light nap. Then I strolled around and then I bought a tuna sandwich that had so much butter on it I thought I was gonna puke. Went back to the hotel and showered, made some tea, chatted with Hannah on the phone and then watched some Trisha. Now, with Trisha, there’s never a dull moment. And so I watched Trisha and fell asleep to that. Woke up about 4pm and went to the hotel bar (which resembles the inside os a ship) and, the hotel being right by the docks, i watched all the ships roll by. Then I played some video games (Solitaire and Who wants to be a Millionaire) and, by that time, the Swedes and the rest of the gang had arrived. Rusty soon joined us, as did our friend (and LOVE fan), Lucy, as well as Chapple

We walked over to the High street and found an eatery called, “Ceasars.” By this time, Frazer and Derek had joined us and Daddyo would join us later. The food wasn’t half bad. After that we met up with the Swedes over by the old Cavern where the Beatles used to play (i went to the actual very spot…it was a moving experience…) And we all got very very very very drunk at this bar that had these geriatrics singing songs and werdos dancing and lots and lots of drunk girls and it was a lot of fun. I stepped out at one point to chat with Han on the phone and when I returned, the 2 Scots (Derek and Frazer) were gone! Out on the pull again, those two. After that, we walked back to the hotel and tried to have a party in me and Chapple’s room but the A**holes at the hotel wouldn;t allow it. Finally it wound down to me, Chapple and Ketil and sixer of Becks and us getting emotional till 4 friggin A.M.! Went down like a plane in flames I was so tired.

Mike Randle


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